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SAT Prep for Catholic Students

Expert SAT preparation is available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy through private tutoring with Mr. William C. Michael

Many homeschool students score poorly on the SAT because their studies do not prepare them for the skills assessed by the test. What is worse is that many families respond to this by claiming that the SAT isn’t important.

This is self-spiting–and unnecessary.

Catholic homeschool students can easily be prepared to earn high scores on the SAT with an expert tutor. In fact, students can raise their scores 200 points or more with tutoring and practice.

Why the SAT is Important

In 2021, the SAT remains very influential in admission decisions made by selective universities. These schools advertise the average score of their incoming students and will not admit students who cause these scores to go down. Each university has minimum scores for admission and students must earn those scores. Students with an impressive transcript can lose opportunities because of low SAT scores.

Also, SAT scores are used to measure student achievement in courses required for college degrees. The College Board, which makes the SAT, writes: “Admission tests like the SAT evaluate the reading, writing and math skills you’ll need in college.” Students who earn low scores on the SAT may be required to take additional courses, which can cost students a great deal of time and money.

This trouble can be easily avoided.

How to Raise SAT Scores

The SAT tests language and mathematics skills that are judged to be predictors of future success. The SAT is nothing like a modern high school test and requires completely different preparation, and a completely different approach.

“The people who write the SAT are professional test-writers, and, with some practice, it’s possible to beat them at their own game.”

Princeton Review

To raise SAT scores, students must learn what the SAT is, how it works, how it is scored and how they can maximize their score. Yes, they must make sure they understand the basic language arts and mathematics concepts tested, but that’s only a part of what this test measures. Students must prepare accordingly.

SAT Prep in the CLAA

Fortunately, we can provide the preparation Catholic students need to earn high scores on the SAT. Before starting the Academy in 2008, I was responsible for SAT preparation in the prep schools I taught at. I was trained by the Princeton Review to teach SAT prep techniques, and by Pearson Learning to score the SAT essay. I spent 10 years teaching juniors and seniors how to maximize their SAT scores–and led a number of students to perfect scores.

I am offering SAT Prep with my tutoring services in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I will help students maximize their scores on the SAT through affordable private tutoring. Parents used to pay me $70 per hour for this tutoring, but it is available for only $10 per hour (live chat) and $25 (video).

So, no excuses. Affordable, expert help is available in the comfort of your own home.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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