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Review: Neumz Gregorian Chant App

Today, I discovered the Neumz app–an amazing resource that I’m very eager to share and recommend.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have promoted and taught the history and theory of Gregorian Chant, but quality resources have always been hard to come by.  Leading students to appreciate Gregorian Chant is one thing–listening to and learning the practice of Gregorian Chant is another.  Stephan George’s YouTube videos were a great help, and the Barroux Chant website was beautiful, but the Neumz app takes access to Gregorian Chant to another level. The Neumz app is the best means of learning to chant the traditional prayers, psalms, antiphons and hymns of the Catholic Church–an incredible gift to Catholics everywhere.  I most highly recommend this app to all parents, students and friends of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

One of the problems with recordings of Gregorian Chant is that they tend to be old and poor quality, or they tend to be produced for mere performance and album sales and lack the true spirit of Chant.  These recordings are clear and beautiful, recorded in the abbey as the nuns celebrate the liturgies day by day.

I look forward to working with the men behind this project to help make instruction in Gregorian chant possible.

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For more information, please visite their beautiful website at

God bless your families,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy


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