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How to Select Courses

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In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we do not support the modern K-12 curriculum. We do not believe that the modern 180-day academic calendar should be allowed to limit Christian education. Real classical Catholic study requires far more dedication and toil than modern secular education recommends and Christian students cannot allow modern standards to distract them.

Nevertheless, because we know that all parents coming into the Academy know nothing other than the modern K-12 model of schools, we offer to help them get started in the Academy by providing loose course recommendations based on modern “grade levels”. Again, these are offered only to help parents have an idea of where they might begin. They are not real study plans.

Grade Levels

Course Numbers

The numbers of Academy courses provide a simple guide to understanding for whom they are intended:

  • Level 000 – Ages 5+
  • Level 100 – Ages 8+
  • Level 200 – Ages 12+
  • Level 300 – Ages 14+
  • Level 400 – Ages 16+

Again, these recommendations are entirely artificial and should only be used to help families plan their studies when getting started in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

To enroll in courses, please follow instructions at the CLAA Study Center.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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