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Tutoring in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is working to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum that was enjoyed by wise men and saints throughout history. What makes our program of study superior to others is the timeless curriculum around which all of our Academy work is centered. Unlike modern schools, the curriculum is the beginning and the end of classical Catholic education.

Tutors play a crucial role in the work of the Academy. At the highest level, the fellows of the Academy work to study, discuss and explain the master texts that make up the curriculum while managing the assessment of student mastery. At a lower level, tutors work to assist parents and students of all ages in their day to day Academy work.

To become a tutor, one must understand and share the mission of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. The best place to learn this is in the free book, Understanding Classical Catholic Education. With the mission understood and embraced, a tutor must have academic credentials that give parents and students trust in his ability to assist them. In the future, these credentials will be based entirely on one’s history of study in the Academy. At present, academic credentials from modern universities are accepted. Thirdly, a tutor must have the ability to conduct tutorial meetings with students by means of Zoom video meetings or local in-person meetings.

The Academy reviews the qualifications of prospective tutors to ensure that these essentials are met and recommends those approved to Academy students and parents for tutoring. Parents and adult students review the qualifications and interests of approved tutors and choose those in whom they are most confident.

Please note that the Classical Liberal Arts Academy strongly discourages the use of services offered by tutors not approved by the Academy and takes no responsibility for the financial and academic consequences of such arrangements.

Costs of Tutoring

Two different forms of tutoring are available to students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

First, regular weekly tutoring is included in the Academy’s Premium Student Plan. This monthly tuition subscription provides a student everything needed for Academy studies along with a one hour weekly meeting with a chosen tutor. Please note that some tutors may charge an additional fee which will be agreed to at the time of enrollment.

Second, individual tutoring meetings with any tutor may be scheduled as needed. This allows students to enjoy assistance from tutors with strengths in different areas of study.

All Academy tutoring arrangements and payments are made on the Academy website.

Benefits for Tutors

Active Academy tutors receive a number of benefits for their service. First, all tutors receive free enrollment in the Academy–for themselves and their children (if any). Second, tutors will receive ongoing training to give them the best opportunity to succeed. Third, tutors enjoy direct access to expert assistance in their own studies and in their tutoring work within the Academy. Fourth, tutors receive 100% of payments made for individual tutoring meetings, and 75% of Premium Student Plan enrollments served.

Note: Tutoring is an excellent opportunity for an experienced Academy student while studying in college.

Responsibilities of Tutors

Being approved for tutoring and being a successful tutor are two very different things. Students and parents have the final word in which tutors they select and therefore tutors must understand their responsibilities and fulfill them if any hope of success is to be expected.

  1. Tutors must be capable of motivating and assisting students in classical Catholic studies. Tutors will normally have experience in tutoring or in studying under an effective tutor. Personality traits or habits that are distracting to students will prevent a tutor from being successful.
  2. Tutoring sessions are conducted using Zoom video meetings. Tutors must be comfortable using these tools and be able to conduct meetings in an environment that is respectable, quiet and free from distractions. Tutors must have internet connections that allow for uninterrupted communication.
  3. Tutors must be prepared for scheduled meetings and ready for meetings at the scheduled time. Any tutoring session for which a tutor arrives more than 15 minutes late will be refunded.
  4. Tutors must be dressed modestly and professionally for all tutoring meetings. Parents and students will ultimately be the judges of what is unacceptable.
  5. Tutors must serve the goals of each tutoring meeting. For individual meetings, these goals are provided at the time booking is made. For regular weekly meetings, the objectives of Premium Student meetings must be fulfilled (see below).
  6. For weekly Premium Student meetings, tutors must review student planners and update the status of all lesson tasks. Tutors must allow time for questions from the student and/or parents and provide any general assistance requested during the meeting.
  7. Tutors are responsible to ensure that answers to questions during meetings are drawn from the content of lessons in the Academy or from prepared resources available in the Academy help center. When questions cannot be so answered, tutors must pass them on to a superior.
  8. Tutors must understand the complex nature of the work being done in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy and be willing to work with flexibility when changes are needed.
  9. Tutors are responsible to agree to and observe the terms of a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement that protects the work and progress of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

If you are interested in applying to become an approved Academy tutor, please click here.

William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy