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Recommendation: “Christian Schools and Scholars”

Image of Sr. Augusta Theodosia Drane.
Sr. Augusta Theodosia Drane, O.P. (1823-1894)

Dear friends,

One of the surprising indirect benefits of the beginning of my formation as a lay Dominican has been the introduction to the writings of Dominicans throughout history on Catholic education. I was introduced to a book by a third order Dominican author named Augusta Theodosia Drane (right), titled “Christian Schools and Scholars“.  This book is a detailed history of Catholic education, from the apostolic age tot the first Vatican Council (1870).

I have added this book to the Classical Catholic Library on the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website, and will be posting the content of the entire book. I have re-published the first ten chapters of the book and encourage all serious Catholic homeschool parents to start reading it.

Christian Schools and Scholars

In a generation where Catholic schools and homeschool publishers appear to be lost among modern educational fads, it is necessary to assure ourselves that we are providing our children with a Catholic education that is actually based on real Catholic philosophy and theology.  This is true only of the classical liberal arts.  In this book, St. Augusta Theodosia Drane provides us with an incredibly detailed and leared testimony to this truth, proving that, before the ignorant generation we live in, Catholics were well-aware of the true content of classical Catholic education.

Don’t settle for lazy gimmicks from people exploiting Catholic ignorance for profit.  Real, classical Catholic education is available in 2021.

William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy