Learn to Produce Videos on YouTube

Many complain about the internet, television, music, videos, video games, etc., but what these complaints ignore is that the media they demonize is not the cause of the problem.  The real problem is that they are using all of these different forms of media as consumers, being influenced by others, rather than as producers, being the ones doing the influencing.

My work in the classical liberal arts started with a love for classical philosophy and Sacred Scripture.  I have been able to work full-time doing what I love because I have learned to make profitable use of technology–even though I am a Classicist!

When I was in school, writing papers with excellent penmanship was a valuable skill, but learning to communicate through video is the valuable skill that wasn’t even possible then.  Children need to be educated to serve their own generation, not the generation of their parents or grandparents.   Their generation, because of the incredible advances in communication technology, no longer needs to rely on written or printed media to communicate.  They can communicate directly through video and broadcast their videos to whatever audience they please.

Rather than sitting and watching, students should learn to create and publish.

In the YouTube Creator Academy, YouTube provides all the instruction anyone needs to learn how to this:

  • how to start a YouTube channel
  • how to plan great video content
  •  how to produce great videos
  • how to grow one’s YouTube channel
  • how to make money on YouTube
  • and much more.

Hopefully, Catholic children will grow up learning to use these resources and will direct them to serve the will of God rather than uselessly complain that non-Christians are using them to promote their ideas.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy