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Help with Homeschool Documentation


Dear friends,

In North Carolina, we enjoy great liberty as a homeschool family.  The state of North Carolina respects the right of parents to direct their children’s education, and there is very little interference or trouble from the state once a family registers as a home school.

I often hear parents speaking of the requirements of their states with regard to homeschooling and, to be honest, I find much of this talk to be exaggerrated and used as an excuse to settle for low secular school standards–as if they are necessary.  Many homeschool publishers and services exploit the ignorance and anxieties of homeschool parents and create appearances of trouble that doesn’t actually exist.   Homeschool parents must know what is actually required of them to avoid making bad decisions based on false information.

If you would like help understanding your state’s actual homeschool requirements, preparing your homeschool documentation, and maintaining homeschool records, I will gladly help you with these things.  Simply enroll your children in our academic services and these things will never be an issue.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy