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Beware of Desperate College Programs

Dear friends,

Modern colleges and universities are businesses and COVID has crippled many of them financially.  As a result, many are attempting to generate income by offering all kinds of online programs that serve no purpose.  These schools seek to take advantage of anxieities about college admission and draw students into expensive programs that, in the end, provide them with no benefits.

For example, today I received notice of an online “pre-college” program offered by Georgetown University for students considering college studies in Law and Medicine.  The courses offer no college credits, 20-30 hours of online activity and cost $1495.  This is nothing more than a money grab, hoping to raise some summer money from students anxious about admission to law and medicine programs.  There are no admissions benefits gained by such a program.

Selective colleges and universities have already published their admissions requirements and none of them include participation in any non-credit certificate programs or summer camps.  What matters to selective schools is that students pursue the most challenging curriculum available to them and work consistently over an extended period of time to reach the highest intellectual achievement possible.  Ultimately, real academic achievement matters and application gimmicks will not help.

Therefore, if you’re on social media or receive messages by email from colleges and universities announcing all kinds of online programs, understand what the purpose is for these programs and consider them with a critical eye.

God bless your families,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy


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