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A Note to Parents

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Dear parents,

In the CLAA, I am working to provide Christian students with direct assistance in real, classical studies.  The resources and services available to Christian families here is available nowhere else. 

Enrollment in the Student and Family plans provide students with access to CLAA courses for use in a homeschool context where the child is being taught and assessed by his parents.  Family Plan enrollment does not include live chat support, live assessment, written assignment grading, etc.  These services are available by subscription to the CLAA Premium plans and Private Instruction.

The problem I face is that students contact me on live chat and ask for services their parents are not paying for. This puts me in an uncomfortable situation because I don’t want to turn any children away from help when they ask for it–and I don’t.  Parents, however, have to decide what services they wish for their children to receive and must communicate with their children what services are available to them.  

If you desire for me to help your children through live chats, live assessments, live assignment grading, etc., you must subscribe to a Premium plan or Private Instruction. It is impossible for me to work 18 hours per day with no financial support and do the work that needs to be done.  The financial support I receive is used:

  1. To provide for my own family’s needs so that I can work as much as I do.  We live very simply and require very little, thank God.
  2. To fund all of the tools and resources I use to make the program effective–support software, computer equipment, video production, website development and maintenance, subscription services, and so on.  There are significant costs in making our program available. 
  3. To pay for help with simpler tasks behind the scenes, which frees me to provide expert help directly to students (rather than do work others can do).  

When parents send children to request premium services throughout the day, without subscribing to those services, the CLAA is starved, plain and simple, and the work that needs to be done cannot get done.  All CLAA families suffer for it.  Again, I believe it’s cruel to refuse children help they ask for when they ask for it.  As a Christian teacher, I will not do that, for the children’s sake.  It is the responsibility of Christian parents to provide for the services their children need to succeed in their studies, and I work to make them as affordable as possible.

The CLAA has enjoyed steady success through the years and continues to move forward in its mission, thank God.  It is my desire to provide students with generous, expert service whenever they need it.  I simply need Christian parents to help me do so.  We need to set the bar high for Christian education–and we can achieve great things–but we all need to contribute to do so.

This is the first and last time I will post on this subject. 

God bless your families,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy 



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