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The students who have made the greatest progress in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy have done so using affordable live chat tutoring.

When we hear the word “tutoring”, we often think of a child meeting in person with an adult tutor. This may take place after school or on a weekend, at a local library, at school, or in the home. This tutoring is often expensive ($25-80/hr) and inconvenient. The cost and inconvenience often makes it ineffective in the long run.

Why Live Chat Tutoring?

I have worked for over 20 years as a tutor, working with students after school and on weekends and I know the problems that exist with tutoring. It is rarely satisfying for the parent, for the student or for the tutor. Tutors offer these services to simply supplement their pay (i.e., because they have to). Students meet with tutors because their parents make them (i.e., because they have to.) Parents usually look for tutors when their children are in trouble academically (i.e., because they have to). In the end, a tutoring session is often dependent on follow-up emails and links to online information, which leaves me wondering, “Why not just eliminate the expensive meeting and get right to it?”

What’s the Solution?

We all know the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, tutoring is an unsustainable (and ineffective) cure for a problem that can be much more easily and affordably be prevented. In fact, the problems that students usually have are owed to the failure to learn the first lessons, and most tutoring consists not of tutors explaining complicated concepts, but taking students back to review simple ones.

I cannot, with good conscience, take money from parents when I know the cause of the problem does not require this expensive solution. Instead, I suggest a better alternative: live chat tutoring.

Benefits of Live Chat Tutoring

Before discussing the benefits of live chat tutoring, let’s acknowlege that some subjects require in-person or video tutoring. Modern foreign languages, for example, where conversational skills are crucial, are best taught through in-person tutoring. That’s why foreign language programs make use of student exchanges and immersion techniques.

Live chat tutoring, however, is far more effective than in-person tutoring for almost all subjects–and I make that claim with over 20 years of experience in tutoring. This is especially true with technology available to tutors and students today.

  • Live chat tutoring is effective.
  • Live chat tutoring is inexpensive.
  • Live chat tutoring is convenient.
  • Live chat tutoring is beneficial for everyone involved.

Best of all, live chat tutoring is affordable enough to be used as a means of preventing problems rather than trying to cure them. Regular live chat tutoring sessions can be arranged that allow a tutor to guide a student from the beginning, avoiding the common causes of later struggles, saving the parents from emergency tutoring sessions that cost them dealy.

How Does Live Chat Tutoring Work?

Rather than beginning with car rides or room reservations, live chat tutoring begins with a tutor and student simply connecting on a website for a text-based chat. A parent can reserve a chat session for just $10 (with me) or schedule regular meetings. The chat can be conducted at any time of the day or night and provides no inconvenience for the parents. The child can receive the help he needs at the dining room table while everyone else minds their own business. The tutor begins by engaging with the student withuot any awkward social experience for the student. They can jump right into the work that needs to be done.

Technology allows for much more than text messages to be sent back and forth. Tutors can share documents, use a shared whiteboard for collaboration, share links to helpful resources, etc.. Students can share assignments for grading and collaboration. These common tasks are far more difficult to do in person than online! Best of all, what tutors share can be used by students after the meeting ends, allowing students to receive more help at lower costs to their parents.

Parents have no need to worry about trouble because, unlike with most in-person meetings, all student activity can be supervised and the content of all discussions can be obtained. Parents can request copies of chat transcripts and know exactly what was done during the chat meeting. Tutors can be held accountable for every word they share with students–that’s how it should be.

Schedule Live Chat Tutoring

All tutoring sessions are hosted by me, giving students direct access to experienced, classical Catholic tutoring whenever they need it. To get started with live chat tutoring, simply reserve your desired tutoring sessions.

God bless your studies,

William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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