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Study Latin and Greek with Mr. Michael

In Catholic education, we have the opportunity to study many excellent subjects, but the most important subjects of all, by which all of our future studies are most influenced, are the classical languages. Having a reading knowledge of Latin and Greek, along with a working knowledge of the Grammar of these languages, gives us the ability to enjoy the writings of the saints and doctors of the Church, history’s most beautiful music and art, the writings of the classical poets and philosophers, and much more. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have the opportunity to study the classical languages within the context of Catholic culture.

Students interested in learning the classical languages may study them using the Academy’s online courses, but parents can provide children with a much better way. Students can study classical Latin and Greek with Mr. Michael and progress comfortably through these studies. This makes the knowledge of the classical languages not a matter of ability, but simply a matter of time.

To study the classical languages with Mr. Michael simply schedule regular tutoring meetings for the study.

Students will enjoy the following benefits:

  • I will provide all necessary study materials at no cost
  • I will teach students to correctly read and pronounce Greek and Latin
  • I will teach students to translate real Greek and Latin
  • I will teach students the Grammar of Greek and Latin and show examples in their readings
  • I will provide direct oral assessment of all Greek and Latin studies
  • I will award students with a certificate of completion for each year of study completed.
  • I will serve as an academic reference for any student with whom I work as a tutor.

Parents may arrange as much time as they wish for these studies, though one hour per week should be considered the minimum.

Studies can begin as whenever parents wish, at any age. Simply schedule tutoring sessions, and we’ll get started.

If you have any questions about these studies, please give me a call or write.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office: 704-776-4696

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