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Religious Communities Study for Free

Through the years, we have become acquainted with many Catholic religious communities, and have learned of the challenges they face with regard to formation and study among their members.  Traditional Catholic communities often struggle to provide new members with Latin instruction. Active communities often have brothers and sisters traveling about, making it difficult to organize or attend classes.   Small communities lack resources to provide members with individualized formation options.  The challenges are many and varied.

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy makes challenging Catholic studies available for students of all ages around the world.  Our online courses are self-paced and can be started at any time.  We provide all necessary study materials, assignments, examinations and records of studies. 

We can work with religious communities to supplement available formation options, or provide community members with edifying options for private study in classical languages, philosophy, theology, history, literature and more. 

Best of all, we offer enrollment to Catholic religious communities at no cost.

To enroll in any of our courses, simply use the coupon code RELIGIOUS and all costs will be removed.

If you would like to discuss our courses or ways in which we might help your community, please contact us.  We are eager not only to help you, but also provide your community with new members in years to come.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Phone: 800-287-9149
Email: mail@wmclaa.com   

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