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Original CLAA Petty School Videos are Back!

Jubilate Deo! I am happy to announce that over Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to learn how I can save the original Petty School videos I had produced in 2008 and make them available again. All of the original Petty School lessons will be restored for Petty School Reading, Writing and Arithmetic courses.

What Happened?

Petty School Smiley

In 2008, I produced three courses for pre-school aged children that introduced them to the ideas they would need to make a good start in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. These courses were extremely popular, and were enjoyed by thousands of children. However, the videos were made using Microsoft PowerPoint and were published as Adobe Flash videos. In 2018, it was announced that all online support for Adobe Flash videos would be ending. In December 2020, it became impossible to use our original Petty School videos. The entire program was lost. Worse, I had lost the original PowerPoint files, so that was that. Since then, I’ve been hoping to re-produce the course, but have not had the time to do so.

What’s Next?

I have learned how I can play the old Adobe Flash videos using software made available by Adobe, and walk through the old slideshows. While I do so, I can record my screen and produce a video that can be uploaded to YouTube. Once uploaded, the original video is available for students to enjoy.

So, I will re-publishing the original Petty School videos and making them available on the Academy YouTube channel. I will then embed the videos in the Petty School lessons on the Academy Study Center. Everything will be back to normal for the CLAA Petty School courses.

Here’s a sample of an original video now on YouTube:

YouTube player

Students may get started with these courses immediately in the Academy Study Center.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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