Non-Profit Classical Liberal Arts Society Established

Dear friends,

Since our founding in 2008, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy has operated as a privately-funded, for-profit business. Through the years, the Academy’s mission has developed and has provided us with a number of opportunities to extend our work to a number of activities that go beyond the scope of the Academy’s work.

I am happy to announce that we have established a new non-profit organization, the Classical Liberal Arts Society, under which the Classical Liberal Arts Academy and these additional apostolates will operate. These programs will include:

  • Classical Liberal Arts Academy, for the restoration and promotion of the curriculum enjoyed by wise men and saints throughout history.
  • Classical Liberal Arts College, for the provision of a bachelor degree in Classical Christian Studies for students preparing for religious vocations.
  • Classical Catholic Radio, for the promotion of classical Catholic music and culture.
  • Academy Farm & Gardens, for the study and promotion of classical natural philosophy and medicine.
  • Classical Catholic Publishing, for the supply of classical Catholic study materials in modern society.

The non-profit arrangement will allow us to pursue these projects as charitable works and not as for-profit business activities, which they are not. There will be no changes to our mission or standards of research and quality. We are simply allowing our work to mature and develop responsibly.

Therefore, if you notice names changing on our website or publications, you’ll understand what’s going on.

God bless your families,

Mr. William C. Michael, Director
Classical Liberal Arts Society

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