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New! Student Forums for Lesson Help

Expert help is always available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.
Expert help is available for all students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Throughout the week, I work privately with students whose parents provide them generously with Premium Student enrollment privileges. These students enjoy weekly task lists to guide their studies, weekly grading of all of their assignments, live chat support throughout the week, and more. While this provides them with great support and accountability, other students lack these benefits.

To make expert help available for all students in Academy courses, we have added Student Forums to all course pages that allow students and parents to post any and all questions they have on any lessons in any courses any time help is needed.

When help is needed with a lesson, assignment or quiz, simply post your question on the Student Forum located at the top of the course page in the Study Center. I will be notified by email and will respond to your question, in detail, as soon as I get a chance. Fellow students can also help one another whenever a more experienced student can help.

Thus, while all Academy students might not enjoy the benefits of Premium Student enrollment, all students have access to expert help whenever they need it using the new Student Forums.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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