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Free Lesson Video Content

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Dear friends,

In 2021, I will be publishing multimedia content in the form of audio and video lessons to help students work through the classical Catholic curriculum.  All of this media content will be hosted privately on the CLAA website and made accessible for enrolled students without any ads, links to other videos.  This is the best option for students.

The same lesson content will also be published and freely accessible on YouTube, for any who cannot afford enrollment.  The negative side of this free access is that you will need to bear with ads and recommended videos from YouTube in exchange for free access–but it will be the same content available at no cost.

It is recommended that anyone interested in using the free YouTube video content subscribe to our YouTube channel and mark the notifications to know when new videos are published.  Subscribing to our channel also helps us, so it would be appreciated if you do so.

Please note that tutorial slideshows, like those used in Petty School courses, will only be available for subscribed students.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy


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