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Free Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Wouldn’t it be a strange thing if, in the 21st century, God provides that the best education available anywhere would be available as a free Catholic homeschool curriculum? While it may seem strange, it is, in fact, the reality. The classical Catholic curriculum, studied by saints and wise men throughout history, is being restored by the Classical Liberal Arts Academy and is being made available as a free Catholic homeschool curriculum.

How This is Possible

First of all, God has provided us with the opportunity to do this work full-time for 25 years now. Over that time, we have done the research, dug out the old resources, obtained them in digital formats, and made them available to Catholic students online. This isn’t something that happened overnight, but is a work that has been developing, slowly, for a long time.

Second, because we teach the true classical Catholic curriculum, almost every source we study is in the public domain. That means we do not have to worry about copyright issues, require expensive new study materials, etc.. The study material is already available, we simply need to organize it and make it accessible to students–and we’ve done that.

Third, because we enjoy a simple, Christian life and sincerely desire to promote classical Catholic education, we have sought out ways to make it available as freely as possible. This work is our means of serving God, our lay apostolate work.

What is Available

Obviously, there are services that students cannot be given for free, such as live chat support and assignment grading. These require direct personal service and teachers cannot do this work for free.

What IS available with free enrollment:

  • student account on Academy Study Center
  • access to course lesson materials
  • access to online course quizzes
  • access to support on Academy forums
  • access to student gradebook/records

What is NOT available with free enrollment:

  • review/grading of written assignments
  • parent access to assessment content/results
  • live chat support
  • live tutorial services

Parents can get students started in CLAA courses, test themselves with available online quizzes and discern whether these studies are of interest to them or not. If they are, and more is desired, they can move forward and purchase full course enrollment and/or arrange paid tutoring with teachers.

This opportunity takes away all of the obstacles parents may have in taking the first step away from modern education into real classical Catholic studies, minimizes their risks and allows them to move forward carefully and confidently.

How to Get Started

To get started, submit the form below to request an enrollment key and have instructions sent to your email. We will send you a few follow-up emails to make sure you’re off to a good start.

Please note that we are working to not only restore the classical Catholic curriculum, but to make it accessible to students around the world. We are in the process of publishing our online courses and everything should be known to be in development. As far as the restoration of classical Catholic education goes, ours is the generation of David and the next is that of Solomon. Think beyond your own children, to your grandchildren and what will be available to them as this mission is fulfilled.

How You Can Contribute

What I ask of parents and students who make free use of our online courses is that they not see this as a selfish opportunity to hoard resources at no cost, but that they agree to help us promote classical Catholic education in their own way. Options include:

  • tell friends and relatives about the Classical Liberal Arts Academy
  • share links to the Academy website on social media
  • make donations to the Academy when possible–any amount is helpful and appreciated
  • enroll in courses and services in the future to enjoy full service

By working together, we can both benefit from this opportunity and you can help others do so as well. Please consider yourself a part of the solution with a role to play in this mission, and not merely a self-interested consumer. We need your help–and other Christian families do as well. The help provided by word-of-mouth advertising, social media sharing, etc., is very important help.

And remember, the enrollment key is charity. Let’s act like Christians and glorify God by doing our part to restore classical Catholic education.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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