Free Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers students of all ages free access to self-paced online courses in our Online Study Center. Homeschool parents can create free accounts for themselves and all of their children and make free use of our courses as the source of their homeschool curriculum. Adult students can enroll in our free courses to make good use of their leisure hours and enjoy a classical Catholic education. Private schools can enroll students in our courses as a source of curriculum content or to enrich the existing curriculum.

1. Create Study Center accounts for all users.

Go to the Academy’s online Study Center and create accounts for all users you wish to enroll. Please note that parents may use their own email ad as the contact address for all of their children’s accounts.

The direct address for the Study Center is:

2. Use the enrollment key to add free courses.

Log in to a student account and go to the Study Center home page, where you will see the full list of Academy courses. To add a course, simply select the desired course and enter the enrollment key “charity“. This will provide the student with full access to the course and studies can begin immediately.

For help selecting courses, please consider the following articles:

3. Begin studying the classical Catholic curriculum.

Once a course has been added, studies may begin. All courses are self-paced, so students begin at the first lesson and work at their own pace one task at a time.

Important: The restoration of the classical Catholic curriculum is a massive, long-term project. We are working daily to make nearly 100 courses available online–for free–and we prioritize content based on *actual* student progress in the program. Every course is in development and will remain so for many years. If you are willing to work patiently with us, understanding the complexity of this project, you can enjoy the benefits, while, as Cicero wrote, we “plant trees that will yield fruit for another generation”.

4. Upgrade anytime with paid subscriptions.

While our free resources will satisfy many users, students who desire more can have it by subscribing to one of our paid enrollment plans. These plans add online quizzes, written assignments with grading, live chat tutoring and support, exclusive tutorial resources, original language studies, college prep services, and more.

5. Partner with us in restoring classical Catholic education.

Many ask, “How can the Academy make all of this available for free?”, and there’s no easy answer to that question. What’s more important to ask is, “How can we help the Academy restore and promote classical Catholic education?

To help us restore and promote classical Catholic education, we ask you to:

  • share links to the Academy website with friends
  • follow us on social media and share our posts regularly
  • tell local homeschool groups about Academy courses and services
  • tell your priest about the Academy’s free online courses for families in the parish
  • tell religious communities about the Academy’s free online courses
  • invite friends and/or relatives to join you in Academy studies
  • offer to tutor other students using Academy courses
  • start study groups using Academy courses
  • subscribe to our paid enrollment plans
  • make donations as you are able

All of these activities are very helpful in the work of restoring and promoting classical Catholic education–and everyone can help in his own way.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy