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In this message, I’d like to help you understand the different forms of enrollment available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  
Parents cannot force real classical Catholic studies on their children, and there’s no amount of money that can buy Wisdom. 

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we prepare the path for students to enjoy these blessed studies, but we require that students prove themselves one step at a time. The enrollment plans we offer are intended to serve students as they prove themselves and commit to classical Catholic studies over time.

1. Free Enrollment

We know that our all of the information on our website can be overwhelming, and we don’t intend for parents to take it all in at once.  There’s a lot to learn, and we provide parents with the opportunity to learn one step at a time–without making any uncomfortable financial decisions.
We offer free enrollment to all parents and students so that they can access all of our basic course content, see the textbooks we use in our courses, and understand our curriculum from the inside.  Parents are welcome to make use of our free enrollment as long as they need to–even permanently.

To create free user accounts, visit the CLAA Study Center.

2. Student Plan

When a student is ready to commit to classical Catholic studies, he will need some help from expert tutors.  The first level of help that is needed comes in the form of (1) tutorial resources and (2) expert assessments.

Tutorial resources consist of videos and articles that expand and explain lessons to help students understand them more fully.  Videos are produced where they are judged to be helpful, and to introduce students to Academy tutors they can interact with as they study. 

Expert assessments consist of online quizzes and graded assignments, which help to develop student mastery of lessons and measure that mastery.  Online quizzes are used to test simple lesson content, while graded assignments ask students to demonstrate their mastery through written responses.  All grades are recorded in the student gradebooks and all student progress is tracked daily.

These benefits are available with our Student Plan subscription.

3. Premium Student Plan

When Catholic students show that they have interest and ability in classical studies, parents should provide them with expert help they need to continue.  This can be done by upgrading to our Premium Student Plan, which gives students access to advanced tutorial resources, in-depth assignment feedback, and, most importantly, live tutorial meetings.

Premium students have access to exclusive video resources that go into greater depth explaining key concepts as students move into more difficult lessons.  

Premium student assignments receive detailed explanations for incorrect answers on written assignments and helpful clarifications when student answers aren’t good enough.

Premium students receive a weekly one-hour general tutoring session with Mr. Michael to discuss and plan their studies, provide support and accountability, and help with organization and motivation week by week.  Mr. Michael also provides “office hours” in the evening, where Premium students can drop in and ask any questions they have during the week.

These benefits are available with our Premium Student Plan subscription.

4. Specialized Tutoring

In addition to the general tutoring sessions available for our Premium students, parents may also arrange specialized tutoring sessions in specific subjects whenever desired.  In these meetings, we can focus on one specific course or lesson and make sure it is understood perfectly, allowing students to progress confidently through their classical Catholic studies.

Tutoring sessions can be scheduled any time through the Academy Catalog.

5. Vocational Preparation

As students enter adulthood, their unique vocations become manifest.  We provide students with help gathering information about vocational options that interest them, and with help preparing for them.  Furthermore, we provide test preparation, records of student achievement, reference letters, and whatever else our students need to move forward in God’s will.  Whether a student is called to a religious vocation, college studies, a military career or a full-time profession, we will help ensure they get where they need to be.  We charge no fees for these services and are eager to help our advanced students succeed.


Classical Catholic studies are not for everyone.  However, when Catholic parents find that the Lord has blessed one (or more) of their children with interest and ability in classical studies, they need to do all they can to nurture this gift.  

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide the support students need at every step of the way through real classical Catholic studies.  Parents simply need to make the reasonable financial investment to allow their children to enjoy these benefits.

Therefore,  if you’re new to the Academy, get started easily with our free enrollment. When you’re ready to advance, upgrade to the Student Plan.  When students prove themselves ready for advanced classical studies, subscribe to the Premium Student Plan.  If additional help is needed in specific subjects, add a tutoring session any time.  

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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