Elementary Tutoring with Mrs. Michael

Among the old schoolmasters, it was said that “The beginning is half of the whole.” The first years of education set the tone for all that follows. However, parents often assume that the early years are “easy” and they can teach their children themselves. Some parents certainly can, but many parents cannot–and they learn this the hard way.

We often see students struggling in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Arithmetic as they get older because they were not given a good start. Many never recover from their bad beginning.

Getting children off to a strong start in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Catechism affects the whole of their education and now you can provide such a start for your Catholic children–at home–with online tutoring with Mrs. Michael.

About Mrs. Michael

Mrs. Dania Michael studied Classics and Elementary Education at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She worked as an elementary school teacher in a private school before becoming a full-time housewife and homeschooling mother when her first child was born in 2000. Since then, Mrs. Michael has home-schooled her own ten children (ages 7-22), while providing homeschool support to parents and students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. In 2022, Mrs. Michael is answering God’s call to become a Lay Dominican and devote herself to the work of Catholic education through tutoring.

Courses Available

Mrs. Michael will be offering online tutoring in the following courses:

  • English Reading
  • English Spelling
  • Elementary English Grammar
  • Modern Arithmetic I and II
  • Baltimore Catechism I and II
  • Catholic Bible I


Tutoring sessions with Mrs. Michael can be scheduled whenever desired in the Academy’s online Catalog. The link below is provided for your convenience:


If you have questions about tutoring, please contact Mrs. Michael:

  • Call: (704) 776-4696
  • Email: mail@classicalliberalarts.com

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