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Classical Catholic Studies on Video

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Dear friends,

In a recent video I posted, titled “There is Only One Way to Study”, I said:

“The classical Catholic curriculum will never be turned into a video series.”

After making the video, I realized that while it is true that no one outside the CLAA is going to produce a video series teaching the classical Catholic curriculum, there’s no reason (if God wills and I live) why I can’t do it. In fact, it would be very enjoyable for me to do so, and helpful for many students.

So, I’ve made preparations to begin working through the entire classical Catholic curriculum, providing videos that will lead students through the first reading in all lessons of the curriculum.  In 3 half-days this week I produced 20 videos, so I think we can move along pretty comfortably through the curriculum.

As for the videos, I will be posting all of them on the CLAA YouTube channel, but I’m not going to be organizing them there.  If users wish to use the YouTube channel to watch videos, they should subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications button so that they get notified any time a new video is posted.  I also refuse to take any responsibility for videos that are recommended by YouTube after my videos end, nor any other information on the YouTube website because that info is actually based on your internet history, not anything I am doing.  All of the CLAA YouTube channel videos will also be visible on the Videos page accessible on the top menu of the CLAA website, arranged from newest to oldest.

I will be uploading all of my videos to my Google Drive account and will link to them in lessons.  This will provide enrolled students with CLAA Google Workspace accounts the opportunity to watch the videos for each lesson with no distractions.  The video file will simply open and play in the browser like this.  This will eliminate all of the potential YouTube troubles.  In my opinion, this is a benefit worth subscribing for.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy