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CLAA Gifts & Apparel

Dear friends,

When the CLAA opened in 2009, we made some school gifts and casual apparel available and it was very popular among families.   We’ve been asked many times since about doing so again and have finally re-connected with CafePress to make similar products available again.  

The products available can be found at www.classicalliberalarts.com/gifts, and a permanent link has been added in the top menu of the website About > Gifts & Apparel

All of these products are produced and shipped by CafePress, so there are no pre-orders or minimum quantities required.  If there’s any specific products you’re interested in, which aren’t already available, please let us know.

More formal uniform pieces are also available from the Lands’ End School website.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy 

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