CLAA Forum Support Moving to Google Groups

In 2021, we are making our classical Catholic curriculum freely accessible to all Catholic students, and this is going to cause a great increase of traffic to the CLAA website.  This increased traffic on the website will cause our hosting costs to increase unless we use our resources wisely.  To keep hosting costs down, we want to make sure that activity on our website is necessary activity that cannot be served elsewhere.

To address this, we have moved our online quizzes and exams off our website and onto Google Forms, which has been a great improvement.  In July, we will eliminate all user accounts and unnecessary data storage, providing students subscribed to premium enrollment with student pages showing their current lessons (which is all that’s needed).  All assignments are being moved to Google Docs for easy off-site grading and storage.  These improvements are moving traffic off of the CLAA website to allow us to make our program more affordable for students and keep our hosting costs down.

The next major improvement that is necessary has to do with forum support provided for CLAA students and parents.

Much of the traffic created by forums is not related to academic issues, but is idle chit chat and socializing.  As much as we’re happy to see students connecting on the forums, there’s no reason this activity needs to be hosted on our website.  There are other means of hosting these forums.  Also, to offer free access to all interested students, a security risk arises and we need to make sure our students are safe online.

Consequently, we are moving forum support from the forums on our website to Google Groups forums.

The Academy will maintain two groups.

  • Academy Forums – Enrolled user forums for academic support (Mrs. Michael and I will be active here.).
  • Student Forums – Enrolled student forums for student communication (more social, student-moderated).

These groups will all be hosted on Google’s servers, so traffic will not be a concern.  Fortunately, we enjoy free use of Google’s services because of our academic work–a benefit we need to make good use of.

I recommend that all begin using the new forums immediately because the current CLAA Forums will be deleted on June 30, 2021.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy