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Access to Articles and Video Posts

Dear friends,

Christian families are going to be involved in an increasingly intense battle in coming years and that there are many controversial issues to be examined in a straightforward and honest manner.  I am willing to write and speak on these issues, but not in a forum open to the public.  I have learned over the years that Christians can be as unreasonable and nasty as anyone, and I’m not interested in discussing sensitive and important topics, which require careful and continued reasoning, with anyone who happens to be on the internet.  Moreover, content that is actually helpful for Christian parents takes time and effort, and deserves greater remuneration than all the junk does.

Therefore, I am going to be making articles and video posts available on the CLAA website to subscribers only, as I have in the past.  This allows me to control who has access to content and to publish content that I know is sensitive without having to deal with crazy people.  These subscriptions also allow me to responsibly give time and attention to these issues.   

There will be free articles and announcements posted to the blog, but there will be two subscriptions available for sensitive content.  One will allow access to written articles that are marked private, and the other will allow access to both written articles and video posts.

I hope that as we go through dark and confusing days ahead, that these posts and the discussions that follow them will be a source of comfort, confidence and hope for Christian parents.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy 

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