Classical Catholic Education

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides self-paced classical studies for privately-educated Christian students around the world.

Self-Paced Online Courses

All students are welcome to enroll in our online courses, with interest and ability being the only admission requirements. Enrollment costs $125 per course and includes all necessary study materials, online quizzes, graded assignments, records and support. All courses are self-paced, meaning that there are no deadlines or expiration dates. Students are free to study for mastery in every lesson of every subject, with access to their courses and support 365 days per year.

Classical Languages

No education is a classical education that does not provide students with the ability to read classical Latin and Greek. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer a complete course of studies in the classical languages. Students begin reading Latin from the first day of studies and move through Latin Grammar as their reading progresses. Following the same method of study, students begin Greek reading whenever they wish and move through Greek Grammar as well. No previous knowledge of Latin or Greek is required.

Classical Philosophy

Many parents err and imagine that Christian education should focus on religion classes. The truth is that Christian education should focus on philosophy, not religion. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide students with a complete course of studies in true Philosophy. Young students get started with Aesop’s Fables, Theophrastus’ Characters and Pliny’s Natural History. Older students advance to study Aristotle’s works on the art of Reasoning, as well as the sciences of Ethics, Physics and Metaphysics. Courses in Platonic and Stoic philosophy are also available.

Understanding Classical Catholic Education

While we provide the study materials and support they will need, it is important for parents to have a working understanding of what real classical Catholic education is. In 2009, Mr. Michael taught a course on the subject for Catholic parents, which was very popular. In 2020, Mr. Michael collected his lessons and made them available in a free book for Catholic parents, titled “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“.

Academy Forums

We know that Catholic parents do not have experience with true classical Catholic education. We desire to help you understand everything and help you find satisfying answers to all of your questions. We offer free in-depth consultations to homeschool parents by live chat and telephone, and we invite you to start a chat any time or give us a call to discuss your family’s unique circumstances. Start a live chat any time using the chat widget on the right side of the website, or call Mr. Michael directly at the number below for free consultation. Help is available–use it!