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At the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our goals are very clear.  We collaborate with pastors and parents to educate children to know, love and serve God.  Our concerns are wisdom and holiness, faith and charity, work and prayer.  We don't talk about college admission because we have our own college program!  

It must be understood that "classical" education requires mastery of the "classical" languages.  We do not support the modern "Great Books" programs that fail to lead students in mastery of the languages but fill the curriculum with fluff that serves appearances only.  We recommend a brief article, "Don't Be Duped" on the right.


  • 9/1/2014 - New Courses open for Extern students.
  • 9/8/2014 - Michaelmas term begins for CLAA, distance learning students.
  • 11/21/2014 - Michaelmas term ends for CLAA, distance learning students.

Getting Started


Students getting started in the CLAA are advised to begin slowly, preferably with only one course (Classic Catechism) to learn how to use the tools we offer, and work their way up to the full core course load.  Level I courses may take several years to complete and are prerequisites for admission to the CLAC.  


Level I Studies

Classic Catechism I or II
Classical Grammar IA
Classical Grammar IB
Classical Arithmetic
World Chronology I

Level II Studies

Sacred Scripture*
Liturgy of the Hours*
Catechism of the Cath. Church I*

Classical Grammar IIA*
Classical Grammar IIB*
Classical Reasoning I*

Classical Geometry*

*CLAC Credit Possible

Not Ready?

If the CLAA's Level I studies are too difficult, we offer a number of entry level courses to help brings students along slowly.

Petty School
English Grammar
Practical Arithmetic


Contact Us

Questions are normal as a family gets started in the CLAA.  Whatever your questions are--contact us.  We can provide prompt and thorough assistance.
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 Sacred Scripture
  Liturgy of the Hours
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CLAA Articles

Importance of Monastic Life  NEW!
Christian civilization was born out of the monasteries of Europe, and the re-birth of Christian civilization will again come from the monastic life. 
Don't Be Duped
We can often identify a counterfeit dollar, but can we identify counterfeit education?  The saints teach us how to do so.  Will we listen?  

Learning Real Latin

When Latin teachers claim to be able to speak in Latin, but cannot read the writings of the Latin authors of the past, something is wrong.  In the CLAA, we teach real Latin.  
"Where Do We Begin?"  
A Simple Guide to Starting in the CLAA
On Good Habits  
Read | How to Raise Children with Good Habits
How To Create A Schedule  
Read | Real-world principles and procedures for creating a household schedule that works for your family.  
More articles...
Past articles may also be found in the CLAA Online Library.


Studies in the CLAA can earn students credit towards a Bachelor's Degree from Classical Liberal Arts College. Learn more...


The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers several programs designed to help different students:

CLAA Private School
CLAA Distance Learning
CLAA Extern Study

Live Support

Live support is a click away.  Use the "CLAA Live Chat" button in the left menu to chat with a CLAA staff member whenever the "Online Now" message appears.  You can also e-mail the CLAA office at:



"There is one institution in particular that has a specific program geared to an immediate preparation to become a monk (or a nun for girls).  This is the Classical Liberal Arts Academy."

-Abbot Fr. Philip Anderson, O.S.B.
Clear Creek Abbey (OK)

"The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers extraordinary study programs for the best students."




"Youth is the time for extraordinary toil."  -Plato Monroe, NC 28112 USA | Phone:(704)441-6302